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  A: That girl looks very attractive, doesn’t she?

  B: do you think so? I don’t like girls who look like that. I like girls who aren’t too slim. If you like her, go and talk to her.

  A: I’d like to, but there’s her boyfriend. He’s very broad-shouldered.

  B: he’s huge! He must go to the gym to have a well-built body like that.

  A: do you prefer tall girls or short ones?

  B: I don’t mind, but I like girls with long hair.

  A: we have different tastes. I like girls with short hair. I like tall girls- probably because I’m so tall myself.

  B: have you ever dated a girl taller than you?

  A: no, never. I don’t think I’ve ever met a girl taller than me! Have you gained weight recently?

  B: yes, I have. Perhaps I should go to the gym, like that girl’s boyfriend.

  A: I ‘m getting a bit plump myself. Perhaps I’ll go with you.


  A: I’m going to the beauty parlor. Do you want to come too?

  B: sure. Let’s go. What are you going to have done?

  A: I want to have a foot massage and haircut.

  B: a foot massage sounds like a great idea. They are very relaxing. I’d also like to have a mudpack on my face. It’s supposed to help with your complexion.

  A: good idea. We should also pedicures and manicures.

  B: this could become a very expensive trip to be beauty parlour!

  A: I think it’s a good idea to pamper yourself occasionally. Don’t you agree?

  B: oh, I agree. We both work hard and a little beauty treatment can relieve stress.

  A: maybe we should try a thai massage too.

  B: what’s special about a thai massage?

  A: that’s when the masseuse walk on your back and massage you with her feet.

  B: sounds painful!


  A: when you are in a restaurant you want the waiter to bring the bill, what do you do to attract his attention?

  B: I just make eye contact with him and nod my head. Then I tell him when he comes over to the table. Why do you ask?

  A: I went out with my girlfriend to a nice restaurant last night and I noticed that many people shouted for the bill.

  B: that seems a little impolite in such a restaurant.

  A: that’s what I thought. I just thought I’d ask you and see what you thought of it. Anyway, what did you do yesterday evening?

  B: well, it was a warm evening, so I stretched my legs. I walked along the canal for a couple of miles. Actually, several other people had the same idea. I saw bill.

  A: did you? How is he these days?

  B: he seemed ok. We didn’t stop and chat because we were on opposite banks of the canal. We just waved at each other.

  A: I need to move some furniture. Could you help me to lift is?

  B: of course. What do you want to move first?

  A: let’s move the sofa. Can you get a grip on the bottom at that end? I’ll lift this end. I want to move it sideways in that directon.







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