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  1.Danny:Aunt Cindy, do you shop online often? 辛迪阿姨,你经常在网上购物吗?

  Cindy:Yes. It's very convenient and the price is even lower. 是啊。这很方便而且价格还更加便宜呢。

  Danny:Last week, I tried to buy some books online, but I didn't know how to pay for them? 上周,我试着在网上买几本书,却不知道该怎么付钱。 Cindy:You should open an account at the online bank first. After that, you can buy anything online. 你得先在网上银行开一个账户。然后,你就可以上网买东西了。

  Danny:Are there many things online? 网上的商品多吗?

  Cindy:Sure. You can find everything all over the world. Let's check it out online!(They log in a shopping web site.) 当然了。你能买到全世界所有的东西。我们来上网看看吧。(她们点进了一个购物网站。)

  Danny:Oh, what's this? Second-hand cellphone store? 哦,这是什么?二手手机商店?

  Cindy:Yeah, this one is very famous with a good credit among on-line customers. It's like an open free market. If you want to change your

  cellphone for a new one, you can sell the old one here. 是啊,这家店很有名,它在网上顾客中有很好声誉。它就像是一个开放的市场。如果你想换一个新的手机,你可以到这里来把你的旧手机卖掉。

  Danny:Really? How to do that? 真的吗?怎么卖呢?

  Cindy:Take some pictures of the thing you want to sell, then upload it onto line with a brief description about it and leave your connecting number. Then your stuff will be sold by auction. 先给你要卖的东西拍几张照片,把照片上传到网上,再附上物品的简要说明和你的联系方式,这样你的东西就会按照拍卖的方式在这里出售了。

  Danny:That's amazing. I'd love to try it later. Oh, an on-line virtual supermarket? 这真是太棒了。我以后一定要试一试。哦,有个网上虚拟超市? Cindy:Let's click to check it out. 我们点击进去看看。

  Danny:Oh, I got it. It simulates the real supermarket, which makes it feel so real. Mom will love it. She loves shopping in supermarkets. 哦,明白了。它是仿照了真的超市,这使它像真的一样。我妈妈会很喜欢的。她最爱逛超市了。

  Cindy:No doubt about it. Shopping online will get more and more popular. It's a real revolution about people's consuming habits. 毫无疑问。网上购物会越来越流行的。这是人们消费习惯上的一场真正的革命。

  Danny:Are there any disadvantages about it? 那它有什么不足呢? Cindy:It takes some time for the stuff you buy online to arrive. But I think this problem will be solved soon. 你在网上买的东西需要一点时间才能到你手中。不过我想这个问题很快就会被解决的。

  2.Shopping online

  1.A:Do you prefer to go shopping ? 你经常逛街购物吗?

  B:You’re really out, more and more people are prefer shopping online. 你落伍了吧,现在都网上购物了。

  A:Haha,so fashionable. 哈哈,太前卫了。

  B:Shopping online has its special characteristics . 网购有着自己独特的优势。

  A:It needs careful identification. 那需要擦亮眼睛仔细辨别。

  B:Come here,I will teach you how to do it . 来吧,我来教你。

  2.A: What are you doing?

  B: I’m just looking for a nice pillow on Ebay.

  A: You are shopping for a pillow online? That’s absurd(荒谬的, 荒唐的)!

  B: Why? I don’t have to leave the house or browse(随意翻阅) a dozen stores to find what I’m looking for. This way, I just search for it online quick and easy.

  A: I see, but how do you pay for it? How do you know you aren’t going to be ripped off(欺骗,敲竹杠) by the seller?

  B: Well, the website handles a point system where if the seller does something wrong, people comment negatively and then you know that he or she may not be trustworthy.

  A: Wow, that sounds pretty safe. So how do you pay? Do you need a credit card?

  B: You can use a credit card or your debit card(借记卡). They also let you use the PayPal system(网上支付系统) which is really safe and fast. I have never had any problems with someone hacking my information or anything.

  A: Do you think I can find a sweater for my dog online?

  B: You can find anything! Are you sure you want to start shopping online though? Once you step into this world, there is no turning back! A: Let’s do it!

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